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Industrial Ball Valves, Metal Seated Valves, Butterfly Valves, Actuation, and Accessories

Nightwine proudly offers the complete line of Triac valves, actuation, and accessories. With massive amounts of inventory in both their Cincinnati headquarters as well as their Houston facility, Triac can deliver high quality products and solutions in a short amount of time. Whether it’s simple actuated ball valves or complicated control packages, Triac has a solution for you thanks to their wide range of valve and seat materials, actuation types, and various accessories, all available as a complete factory assembled package.


2/3/4-way solenoids, pressure/temperature switches, redundant control systems, angle seat valves, SIS solutions.

Whether it’s as simple as piloting a spring return actuator or as complicated as designing your SIL-rated safety instrumented systems, ASCO is the best in the business and offers more than 50,000 highly reliable products to help.

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Electric Multi-Turn, Quarter-Turn Rotary Actuators

AUMA is the premier manufacturer of high quality electric actuators capable of operating all types of valves and dampers. Actuators can be furnished for both open/close and modulating service as part of a complete valve assembly or call us about retrofitting to your existing valves already in service. They also offer a wide range of motor controls and accessories to give you the best fit for your system.

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WKM triple offset butterfly valve, 150/300/600 ANSI class, CS and SS

The WKM TOV has a true triple-offset geometry which allows for bubble-tight sealing to create a fully bi-directional zero-leakage shut-off valve. Backed by our world-class engineering, manufacturing, and sourcing expertise, the WKM TOV provides a trusted solution ideal for critical applications. Rely on Cameron’s dedication to high-quality standards, competitive manufacturing processes, and world-class support for total valve life cycle support.


Center Line Resilient Seated Butterfly Valves, Flowseal High Performance Butterfly Valves, Duo-Chek Wafer Check Valves

Crane is one of the world’s largest and most widely known manufacturers of valves. From its earliest days Nightwine was been proud to offer the CenterLine, Flowseal, and Duo-Chek valve brands. The combination of these products aligns some of the most widely used and specified products for the chemical processing, oil, gas & power industries.


Automax Actuators and Accessories, Durco Plug and Butterfly Valves, Noble Alloy, Atomac PFA-Lined Valves

Nightwine proudly carries Flowserve valves and actuation, including brands such as Durco, Atomac, Noble Alloy, and Automax. This offering represents one of the most comprehensive lines in the industry. These valve and actuation packages can be custom engineered to perform specific functions for our customers’ unique flow control environments and are used in the most severe and demanding industries, including high levels of corrosion, extreme temperatures and pressures, zero fugitive emissions and nuclear power plants.

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Eagle Series keyed valve interlocks, multi-turn and quarter turn designs

Nightwine is proud to be a distributor for Kirk Key valve interlock products. The Eagle Series valve interlocks are available to fit all sizes and types of multi-turn and quarter-turn valves. Designed to be attached directly to the valve, the original valve wheel or lever is replaced with the KIRK® valve interlock assembly. There is no dismantling, modifications, or welding required to install the interlocks; preserving the manufacturer's warranty.


Flanged Industrial Ball Valves, Perrin Severe Service Valves

Nightwine offers the complete line of Kitz industrial ball valves including soft seated flanged/threaded/socket-weld, full and single reduced bore floating ball valve, in bronze, carbon steel, and stainless steel. Also included are high performance full bore metal and graphite seated valves along with specialty multi-port and Lamda port control valves for your most difficult services. In addition, the Perrin division specializes in the design and production of specialty ball valves for highly severe, high pressure and high temperature applications.

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Sanitary and Industrial Sight Glass, LED & Halogen Process Lighting, Visual Level Indication, View Ports, Wipers, Sanitary Clamps

L.J. Star is a leading supplier of process observation equipment including: a variety of sight glass and gage glass; sight windows and sight ports; visual flow, sight flow and tank indicators; sanitary fittings, mounts and clamps; level gages; light ports, luminaries and tank lights; camera systems; and accessories including wipers and timers. Most of their sight glass products feature Metaglas, the #1 selling fused sight glass, proven in thousands of installations around the world. Unlike some other sight glasses, it meets stringent DIN 7079 and DIN 7080 quality standards, and has been tested and proven to meet The USP Type 1 standard.

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Industrial Diaphragm Valves, Actuation, and Accessories

Recognized worldwide for high quality process solutions, Saunders Industrial Diaphragm Valves are found in every process industry. The large variety of body materials, linings, and diaphragm materials makes Saunders a great fit for anything from abrasive slurries to high purity applications. Nightwine represents the full line of Saunders industrial lined and unlined diaphragm valves, actuators, and accessories.